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                                                                    Our skin
       This area of our restoration formula is most concentrated because as we discussed earlier
in our presention, your skin is the largest organ thus needing more attention. Wrinkles, sagging
skin, age spots, alcohol, cigaret smoke, air pollution, and exsposure to sunlight. Sunlight is the
primary cause of premature aging of our skin, the excess exsposure of the sun's UV rays over
time can kill skin cells thus destroying it's elastivty. Do you remember picking up a rubber band
after it had been lying in the sun for some time to find most or all of it's elastivity gone ? UV rays
has that same effect on our skin rendering it unable to draw back into place, causing dark spots 
white spots, wrinkles crow's feet, and rashes.

       There's another side to that coin, UVB rays is benefical to our skin they alloy our skin to make vitamin D, which attributes to our skin having that beautiful glow that most of us are looking for, so we are kind of caught up in the middle of this sun battle. Health care professionals recomend sun screen and we do use it, but do we use enough of it when tanning if so then why is our skin prematurely aging?. The fact of the matter is there's no safe way to tan with out paying a price for excessive sun exposure, it's like shopping at your favorite grocery store, you buy all of this healthy food to eat and get to the cashiers check out and have to pay for it. There's a lot of good food in your cart, but you still have to pay
a price for it.
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