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      How can we Fix this problem? We start by rebuilding your damaged skin cells replenishing
and cleansing them by eradicating all or most of the contaminants, pollutants, and limiting
the amount of sun rays that reak havoc on your cells. We incorporate the right ingredients to
restore your collagen levels thus pulling your skin tighter to reduce your wrinkles, and slowing
down the formulation of new winkles, the same nutrients we use to rebuild your celluar stru-
ture is also protecting it, allowing it to grow once again like flowers in the spring, the newness has begun. Just imagine the car we discussed at the beginning of our presentation being damaged in an accident, before you can return it to it's original beauty you must remove all dents wrinkles, and crinkles on the surface. Once that's complete you apply a beautiful finish
of paint.

     Our special all Natural formula is designed to smooth over the surface of your skin with
a very good collagen support.  Once that's complete we add just the right ingredients to bring on that beautiful, vibrant, and healty looking glow that you've been serching for without any sun
damage, and That's a No Risk Guarantee.
                                                      Puffy baggy eyes
       There could be several reasons for puffy baggy eyes such as diet, excess sodium, sinus, problems, awkward sleeping positions , too much alcohol intake , lack of exercise, sleeping with 
make up on. Men dont wear make up, so that reason is limited in it's validity. The most common reason for people over 40 years old is aging. As we age gravity has a way of showing up in a lot of places. Our eyes are no exception, they begin to droop and get puffy from a lack of blood flow. Our blood vessels have gotten older and dont support proper blood flow, factor in the  slow elimination of toxins, and the result is they turn dark.
       There have been several remedies for fixing this problem however most of them are myths,
the most common temporary one  is the cucumber, we're not saying that it dosen't work but 
who has time to lay around, or walk around with cucumbers on their eyes all day, every day ? As
we see it the easiest way to fix this problem is to supply the blood vessels of the eyes with proper blood flow, and reduce the gravity effect (sagging , drooping) by tightening the collagen
around the eyes. Our all Natrual formula is designed to do just that, and that's a No Risk 
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