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             Our hair

               Remember at the begininng of our site we mentioned that it wasn't all your fault, here's where
it's partially your fault.You do irreversable damage to your hair from the use of chemical treatments 
such as tinting, dying, perming, blow drying, curling irons, the use of spas.and the excess exsposure to UV, and UVB rays. Here we have eight different enemies of the hair, but let's take a simplistic approach to an explanation.

              We're going to break them down into two catergories, heat and chemicals. First the heat from the over exsposure of UV and UVB rays, curling irons,and blow drying. These things can damage your hair from it's cuticle which protects the hair shaft to it's inner structure ,rendering it defenseless. Also, sudden flash drying causes dehydration of moisture, and oils. This is a recipe for brittle dry hair, and in some cases hair that look like hay.

            Tinting, dying, and perming: In order for tinting and dying to take effect on your hair it has to get pass the protective barrier. It has to get pass the cuticle. Once this happens, the harsh harmful effects of dye has already begun it's damage, and if these chemicles are used too often without proper restoration or nourishment then you might even see the damage taken to another level, to the hair folicle. This is different from the shaft. You begin to see breakage as your hair will cease to grow, because of a severe damaged hair folicle. You will see hair in your sink, tub, and in your drains. Now this is the beginning of hair loss that's irreversable, and your cosmetologist has no answer for this. Our all natural formula offers some means of protection of the hair folicles before the damage is done.
            Chemicles: How often are we using spas after a good work out just to relax, or on a hot day dive into a cool swimming pool? When we do we are most certain to come in contact with chlorine. Chlorine is added to spas and swimming pools to kill bateria, and stop micro organisms from spreading from person to person. During this process our hair comes into contact with chlorine. Chlorine has a bleaching effect on our hair color. Chlorine can also seperate the hair fibers disrupting the structural integrity of the shaft. The hair becomes weak and the ends will split. Short or occasional periods of chlorine exposure is harmless to your hair, however when you add chlorine exposure to sun exsposure, tinting, dying, perming, hot curling irons, and blow drying, surely you can see how all of these procedures and exsposures compounded can very easily do significant damage to your hair, shaft, and to it's folicle. And we can treat them both , that's a no risk Guarantee.

       Finger nails

         Poor nourishment

    Your finger nails can say a lot about you, a side from any serious illness that you may have. Your nails may be hard to grow , brittle thin dry cuticles, discolored, frequent, hang nails, ridges, this area is going
to follow to same path of treatment as  your hair, when properly nourished from inside out with our
all natural formula, at the cellular level trust us your nails are going to look fantastic with good color and growth that's faster than normal. And that's another Guarantee.
                                                                             Good nourishment                                                            
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