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Junk food cravings

            Junk food cravings and consumption play a large role in how we look and feel. 
Particularly in how we look.This food has little or no nutritional value. An over consumption of junk food causes our bodies to take on a less desirable look. Junk food such as potato chips,
french fries, cheese puffs, cookies, crackers, cakes, pies, candy, ice cream, sugary drinks, are filled with empty calories, and when not consumed in moderation will cause weight gain rendering our bodies out of shape. But let's not get this twisted, no one here is saying that you
should not eat these foods, or snacks in moderation. What we are saying to be exact, is that
your out of control junk food cravings play a major role in you looking and feeling your best.
            By the year 2050 the obesity rate is expected to reach 45% according to reserchers at
many major universities including Harvard University. Junk food causes the rise and fall of our insulin levels bring on fatigue, mood swings and (confusion). Have you ever went from one room in your house to another to find out that you didn't remember why you went there  in the first place? Yes it causes short term memory loss.This is not such a good feeling.
            Another possible root cause of junk food cravings is yeast overgrowth.This is something
that we wont be discussing on this site, that is a discussion for your doctor to have with you. What we would like to discuss is the cleansing of one of the  most important parts of your body,
the liver. Junk food like anything else that we eat travels through our blood stream, and travels through our liver to be filtered and broken down. This includes fatty foods, which explains why liver cleansing is one of the biggest kept secrets for weight loss and increasing our life span. We are not claiming that our formula is for losing weight, but weight loss could occur as a result. When the liver is congested (dirty) it stores traces of bad and fatty foods only  to be circulated up and across the brain for the brain to recall those junk food pleasures and desires causing those cravings all over again.
Let's keep it simple, cleansing your liver is like changing the oil on your car. When comparing the two your blood being the oil and your liver being the oil filter, you can't change your blood nor your liver but you can detoxify them both. This is the single most powerful cleanse you'll ever do to your body.
            The liver is an organ that's over taxed and, over burdened constantly. Because it is
constantly over worked it can never perform the duties it was intended to do such as filtering
all of the bad things that we consume, such as alcohol, nicotine from smoking, excessive fried
foods, junk foods and the list goes on. So what's cleansing our livers?
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